Your Q&A about dentures answered

Dr Ravindra Savadi, Senior Prosthodontist and Implantologist answers

Natural teeth vs artificial teeth

It is any day better to retain and save a natural tooth. The strength and the efficiency a natural tooth provides, cannot be completely supplemented with the artificial teeth. Dr Savadi says———“Perpetual meticulous preservation of the natural teeth is better than the replacement.”


Are extracted teeth used to make my new dentures

NO………..teeth removed from a patients mouth is discarded. A dental technician uses special acrylic or cross-linked teeth to make dentures. These teeth set are available in various sizes, colour shades and different shapes to suit individual patients.


Are dentures expensive?

The cost of the dentures varies according to the type of material used and the skill of the dentist. Generally,  implants are more expensive than fixed dentures and removable dentures in that order. This is because of the technique involved in each of the process and the cost of the material used. 


Removable denture vs a fixed denture

A fixed denture is better than a removable denture. The removable dentures can exert some pressure on the adjacent teeth during insertion and removal, thus making it weaker. A fixed denture on the other hand is cemented into your mouth and remains there. 


Fixed dentures vs Implants

Implant dentures are the best tooth replacement of choice today. Placing implants in your mouth does not require the trimming of the adjacent healthy teeth for support. Only the missing tooth is replaced by placing a implant screw in the bone. The implants score over the fixed dentures anyway.



Do dentures reduce my ability to eat?

The ability to eat with dentures is reduced as opposed to the natural teeth. The structure of the natural teeth is designed well to take the maximum chewing forces. Natural teeth has independent roots that is anchored firmly in the bone to provide support. The dentures are placed on the residual jaw bone with no anchorage into the bone. Hence the chewing efficiency is reduced.


Should I remove my dentures at night?

YES…………….You have to remove your dentures at night. This is because, the dentures rest on the jaw bone and apply pressure on the bone and the gums during use. Hence, it is important to give the tissues rest to recover. Removing the dentures and placing them in a bowl of water at night is important, as this gives Tim for the gums to heal.

Will my dentures break?

YES…..Dentures are breakable when dropped. Hence, you must be careful while cleaning and wearing them.


Should I wait to get my teeth replaced after tooth removal?

Immediate implants are a great option for tooth replacement today. Your dentist/ implantologist will place an implant immediately after tooth removal. Even if you plan for a removable denture, your dentist will be able to make one for you. However, these types of immediate removable dentures have to be replaced after a couple of months because of the change in the dimension of the bone. Do talk to your dentist about the possibilities of an immediate Implant.


Are bridges permanent?

NO………The fixed bridges have a certain life depending on the material used. Generally, fixed bridges serve you well in your mouth. But, you have to take proper and meticulous oral care.


Are implants permanent?

The success rate of implants worldwide is at a 98%. However, regular cleaning of the implant area is required for the longevity of the implants. Your dentist/ implantologist will guide you on the good and meticulous maintainance of the implants.


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