Why do I have tooth pain?

Dr Shuaib Razvi says———“ In all the 20 years of my practice, I have seen patients come to me only when in pain!!”


Probably, tooth pain is the most excruciating pain an individual can experience. If you are wondering why your tooth  hurts, here’s what Dr Shuaib has to say————


“ Your tooth is made up of several layers of hard structures. These are your enamel, dentin, cementum, and the supporting bone. Within these hard structures, is your nerve tissue called the pulp. When your tooth decays, the bacteria begin to dissolve the hard structures with their acids. When these bacteria reach the pulp, your tooth pains.”


Is tooth sensitivity the same as tooth pain?

Sometimes, you can feel a sensation to any hot or cold food. This generally indicates an exposure of the inner layer of the tooth called the dentin. Attrition, abrasion or erosion can cause tooth sensitivity. Tooth decay is also one of the reasons for dentin exposure and tooth sensitvity. The sensation can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. When the decay is in its initial stages you can feel a tooth sensitivity. But as the decay advances into a deeper cavity, you can have tooth pain. Sometimes when your tooth is chipped or broken you can have tooth pain.


What are the treatment options for tooth pain/ sensitivity?

Says Dr Suhaib———“The treatment for tooth sensitivity and / or tooth pain depends on the extent of the damage. A mild sensation can be treated with desensitising pastes. An initial decay can be restored with tooth fillings. However, when a patient has tooth pain, then he has to undergo a root canal procedure ( RCT ) to treat and save the tooth. Your dentist will do the required diagnostic tests to determine the extent of tooth decay.”



Is RCT a painful procedure?

Dr Shuaib reassures——“ In the past RCT was a very lengthy procedure involving many steps to achieve the desired results. In modern dental practices, due to improved anaesthesia and availability of rotary instruments Rct has become a painless procedure. Talk to your dentist about any doubts or concerns and he’ll be more than ready to provide the answers.”


What can I do to prevent a tooth pain?

 Meticulous care to regular brushing with a fluoridated paste and flossing can prevent tooth decay to a large extent. Other interdental aids like interdental brush or oral irrigation devices can be used instead of a floss. Your dentist will recommend the best interdental aid according to your requirement. Also diet is key factor to prevent cavities. Sticky and sugary foods can remain on your teeth for long hours and cause decay.

Dr Shuaib concludes——“Preventive dental care is the key to avoid a tooth pain. Visit your dentist regularly for a check up and practice good dental hygiene habits.”


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