Do I have healthy gums?

    Are your gums healthy?

    My gums bleed on brushingYour gums can bleed on brushing, biting into hard foods or you can notice blood in your saliva when you wake up in the morning.Deselect Answer
    I have hard yellowish deposits on my teethThese deposits that don't go away with brushing is called "Tartar". You have to get teeth scaling with your dentist or dental hygienist.Deselect Answer
    My gums hurtYou can have pain in your gums while chewing on hard and firm food items. You can have a dull continuous and gnawing pain.Deselect Answer
    I have increasing gaps between my teethYou could have some gaps between teeth normally. But any increasing spaces between teeth associated with tartar or bleeding gums can indicate an underlying gum and bone infection.Deselect Answer
    Some of my teeth feel loose and shakeySome tooth mobility the first thing in the morning is normal called "Physiologic tooth mobility". However, if the shakiness continues through the day, check with your dentist for gum infection.Deselect Answer