Myths and Facts about tooth removal clarified


Dr R M Lalitha , Senior Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon clarifies ‘Myths and facts about tooth removal’



Is tooth removal is painful?

No ……….With the use of highly efficient local aesthetics and better armamentarium, tooth removal is a painless procedure in modern dental practice.



Is tooth removal expensive?

No………Tooth removal is fairly reasonable cost procedure in India. Nominal charges are involved in tooth removal procedures.


Does tooth removal cause swelling?

No……….A routine and normal tooth removal does not cause swelling. You can feel the numbness of the aesthetic for some time that can give the perception of a swelling. However, in rare instances of severe infection or other complications or improper post operative care, you can have a swelling.


Do I have to remove my wisdom tooth always?

An improperly erupted wisdom tooth is a candidate for removal. A wisdom tooth that erupts in a different angle than the normal is considered as an ‘Impacted tooth’. Such teeth tend to be fused to the surrounding bone. This causes pain and swelling in that area. Then a wisdom tooth has to be removed.


Cold pack VS Hot pack after tooth removal

A COLD PACK is recommended to be applied after a tooth removal to ease the pain and swelling. Hot packs SHOULD NOT be applied in a tooth pain condition.



Is there bleeding after tooth removal?

No……….Bleeding does not occur after a tooth removal. The blood pools in the socket after tooth removal. This blood clots and helps in the healing of the socket. You can experience some spotting form the socket fo upto 24 hours. Proper post extraction care as given by your dentist should be followed. However, if you experience excessive bleeding, please contact your dentist immediately.


Can I talk after a tooth removal?

You have to avoid talking for at least 1 hour after a tooth removal or till the effect of the anaesthesia wears off. Talking involves tongue movement and this can dislodge the blood clot. Your dentist will advise you to bite on the cotton gauze to help stabilise the blood clot in the socket. 


Can I brush after a tooth removal?

You can brush your teeth 24 hours after.a tooth removal.


Can I eat after my tooth removal?

You can eat after 1 hour of tooth removal. You have to stick to soft and cold food for a day or two. Avoid hot, spicy and course food items for a couple of days or till you are comfortable eating. Remember to rinse your mouth gently with luke warm salt water after every meal.


Are stitches required for every tooth removal?

No……..Not all teeth removal require stitches. Generally, a wisdom tooth removal involves the trimming of bone. Such extractions will need sutures up to prevent blood clot dislodgement.


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