Is my dental treatment expensive?

The mention of the word “Dentist” invokes fear and discomfort in most people. The fear of pain. And the pain of the cost involved. But is dental treatment really an expensive affair!!??

Most people would say a YES. However, dentists have to say this……

What are the costs involved in dentistry?

According to Dr Krishnaraj “The tools on hand at a general dentistry practice include highly specialised equipment that is not only pricey to purchase, but is also involves high maintenance cost. Treatment procedure costs include dental equipments, dental materials and medicines like local anaesthesia and other medications for procedures like RCT. There is also an additional cost of maintaining the dental office itself.”

Dentists will resonate with his thoughts. The cost of office maintenance includes power, water, personnel and other dentists and dental hygienists. Other processes like sterilisation of equipments and safety precaution measures like radiation control in the dental office involve constant maintenance. Additionally, dentists often seek third party services like the dental labs and other dental product companies for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, dentures and implant materials.

The training involved to complete the course and to further undergo advanced training is expensive. Dentists also have to update their skills constantly with hands-on workshops.


How can you avoid expensive treatments?

However, Dr Krishnaraj adds that “The cost of dental treatment procedures escalate when the patients neglect their dental hygiene. A regular check up with your dentist twice a year does not cost. Simple treatment procedures like fillings and scaling are done in bare minimum costs. It’s when the initial disease process is neglected that the cost spirals. Untreated cavity leads to RCT and crown and advanced gum disease requires surgery or LASER treatment. If the tooth is removed, replacement with bridges or implants are expensive.”

Most patients fail to understand the importance of oral and dental health. Research has proven that poor oral hygiene can lead to other systemic diseases. Hence, it’s of paramount importance that you visit your dentist regularl

Finally, Dr Raj concludes, “Technology has improved the ease and precision of dental treatment procedures today. And advanced technology and clinical skills comes with a cost. It’s best to ensure that prevention is cheaper than cure.”

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