About Us

A healthy mind in a healthy body is the mantra for the day. Good health begins with a balanced diet and your mouth is the gateway to a healthy body. How then can we overlook the importance of a healthy mouth?

TheDentaire, is an initiative to improve oral and dental health awareness among people. A brainchild of Dr Rekha Mandayam (Linkedin) we constantly strive to simplify medical information for easy understanding.

Food is an integral part of any culture. India being an ancient culinary cultural country; the tradition of food has been handed over from generations. Oral and Dental hygiene is a part and parcel of food consumption. However, most of the population is unaware of good oral hygiene habits. Statistics show that close to 90% of the population suffers from gum diseases and more than 80% have tooth decay. Children in the age group of 7-14 years have a high DMFT index (measure of tooth decay). Blame it on the trending diet combined with lack of knowledge, but people suffer from tooth pain.

Our website www.thedentaire.com is dedicated to information on Dental health. Education series like #ToothTalkWithYourDentist, #FAQTuesdays, #DentalHealthTipOfTheDay, #DidYouKnow, #FunFridays are regular features on our social media platforms. Here, we make information easily understandable to people.

‘Old habits die hard’
We tend to retain what we learn as children and these habits stay with us for life. At TheDentaire, we strive to create information on children’s dental health and hygiene habits. Pregnancy care and child care also have exclusive sections on oral health in children. Growth and development of the face and jaws begins before birth and impacts many aspects of oral health for several years until puberty, when this growth stops. So, the significance of early visits to the dentist for your child cannot be emphasised more.

Geriatric dental care is another neglected aspect of oral health. As we age, several physiological processes in our body change. Understanding these changes and learning to adapt to them becomes important. The geriatric care section on the site helps elder people understand their dental hygiene needs better.

Family dental care aims at helping you understand basic care of teeth and dental health tools. Here, you can access information on the correct brushing and flossing methods and taking care of tooth brushes.

The Preventive care section helps you understand the Do’s and Dont’s to good dental hygiene.

#mytoothcare workshop is an interactive programme to help you connect with dentists. We conduct these workshops online, so you have the convenience of talking to your oral health experts from your home.

Health checker section has assessment quizzes that help you get an understanding with regard to your oral health.

If you like to know more about oral and dental health and how to better care of it,  write to us here.