9 ways your dentist can help you make your smile brighter

A smile is the most attractive part of the face. If you want to better your smile, your dentist can help you achieve your desired smile makeover.

Here are 9 commonly asked questions on a smile makeover……..

How can I fix crooked teeth?

The traditional method of fixing crooked or maligned teeth is with metal braces. These are the most effective method to straighten your teeth. However, newer alternatives to the metal braces are ceramic braces, lingual braces ( braces fixed on the inside of the teeth ) and clear aligners. Whichever method of tooth straightening you would consider, it’s only a trained orthodontist who can do the proper treatment procedure for you.

Is it possible to correct my teeth without braces?

In short “YES”. Clear aligners is one option to correct mild crowding cases without the use of braces. Clear aligners are like plastic trays prepared to the measurement of your mouth. Another quick fix is the use of “VENEERS”. Veneers are thin laminates that are fabricated in the lab and fitted on your teeth. However, you have to consult your dentist about these treatment options.

Can a cosmetic dentist fix crooked teeth?

When the crowding is mild, then a good smile line can be achieved with cosmetic treatment without braces. Cosmetic correction of crooked teeth are quicker and less time consuming. Clear aligners, veneers, crowns and bridges are other options to correct teeth. However, your dentist will first evaluate you for the amount of crowding and the space availability in the mouth. You have to discuss the cost of the the treatment options with your dentist before deciding on the best line of treatment.

Can I get a bridge on the front tooth?

Bridges are made for the missing front teeth also. However, the purpose of the front and the back teeth are different. So the amount of stress the bridges have to bear in the front and back areas of the mouth are different. According, your dentist will select a suitable material and a bridge design planned to replace the missing front teeth.

Can I correct my gummy smile?

The treatment options of a gummy smile depends on the cause. So, various methods in combination can be used to treat a gummy smile.

  • Lip repositioning ( could be done with botox injections )
  • LASER treatment of the gums. This involves recontouring the gums.
  • Braces – Realigning the teeth can change the appearance of a gummy smile.
  • Surgery – Surgical repositioning of the upper jaw bone.

Are clear aligners better than conventional braces?

Your clear aligners can have some advantages over the conventional braces. Like

  • Easy to clean and maintain oral hygiene as it is removable.
  • Virtually invisible as it does not use wires and brackets.
  • Quicker chair side appointment time with your dentist.
  • Easier to fabricate using intra oral scans.
  • You can remove the aligner while eating, so you can enjoy you favourite foods.

However, aligners are effective in correcting mild crowding, gaps and teeth straightening. Your dentist / orthodontist can decide on other treatment options for some of the more complicated tooth movements.

What are the treatment options in fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis of the front teeth may or may not be of cosmetic concern. In some cases, when there is a varying degree of negative psychosocial effect, your dentist will suggest these treatment options

    • Mild cases:        Tooth bleaching
    • Moderate cases: Micro-abrasion (outer affected layer of enamel is abraded in an acidic environment)
    • Severe cases:    Composite fillings, Micro-abrasion, Veneers, Crowns.

How does tooth whitening work?

Tooth whitening or teeth bleaching is another procedure to improve your smile. Tooth whitening is a many sitting procedure. If you want the desired brightness for your teeth you have to undergo several sessions of bleaching over a couple of months. Your dentist will use several methods to whiten teeth.

Typically, in the in-office bleach, the dentist will use a chemical with carbide per oxide. This breaks down to release hydrogen peroxide that targets the tooth colour in a chemical reaction. The in-office method is considered safe and quick. The whitening effect may also last longer. Dentists can recommend home bleaching in some cases. Your dentist will make custom made trays to fit your mouth. You have to add a gel to the tray and keep it in your mouth for upto I hour for a few weeks to whiten your teeth.

How can I close gaps between my teeth?

Gaps between your teeth can be because of various reasons like

  • Mid line diastema
  • Mesiodens
  • Pathological migration of teeth
  • Malocclusion

The treatment options for each of the causes is different. Your dentist will first determine the reason for the gaps and give you a treatment plan accordingly. Treatment options can range from braces, surgery for the gums, crowns and/or veneers.


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