5 Foods to avoid before a meeting

Persistent bad breath is a cause of concern as it indicates an underlying medical problem. Gum diseases, decayed tooth in the mouth, unkept braces in the mouth and poor oral hygiene are the most common causes of bad breath.

There are however, some foods or ingredients that can cause temporary bad breath. If you are scheduled for an important client meeting, you may want to avoid these


Onion and garlic

Smell of onion or garlic in your breath tops the list of the biggest put offs for the other person. Their odour in your breath lasts a long time. That’s because they both contain sulphuric compounds that get absorbed into your bloodstream and are expelled when you exhale.

Whole milk could counter the effect of the sulphur from garlic. You may want to have some milk with your garlic meal.


The green leafy veggies may be good for your health. But the fibre from the greens that remain between your teeth may not be a pretty sight. Horse raddish in your salad is a No-No. Its best to avoid these just before the meeting.

You can have watery veggies like carrots that help clear debris from the mouth and remove any lingering odours in the mouth.

Alcohol and coffee

Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth produces bad breath by allowing bacteria to survive without the saliva washing it away.

Regularly drinking water, can help wash this bacteria away and alleviate the bad breath associated with dry mouth.

Canned tuna

For many a tuna sandwich could be perfect lunch. Canned tuna has a potential to cause bad breath. When the fish is stored in dark cans, it promotes oxidation and gives a sour smell. The smell is caused by trimethylamine.

Chew on a sugar free gum to freshen up. Or you can splash lemon or vinegar into the fish dish to reduce the “fishy” odour.


Blueberries leave behind stained teeth and tongue. A blue coloured mouth is not amusing for a business meet.

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