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Braces or clip treatment as they are called is a method of treating irregular, crooked and maligned teeth. Such a correction of teeth has to be done both from the aesthetic and functional viewpoints. Although such a correction is done at a younger age, even adults can undergo braces. Below are some of the questions you can have about braces in adults. Read on……..

What are dental braces?

Dental Braces also called braces are devices used to correct your teeth. They help in correcting bites and malocclusions, closing gaps and in conjunction with other appliances assist in reshaping the jaws. Traditionally, the braces have four components—–Brackets, Bonding agent, Arch wire and Elastics.

Can adults undergo clip treatment?

You can be fitted with the braces at any age, if your gums and teeth are healthy. Crowded and maligned teeth are difficult to maintain and can cause tooth decay. Therefore, correction of the bite in adults with crowded teeth is important. This makes the maintenance of the health of gums and teeth easier. However, you have to talk to your dentist/ orthodontist about the possibilities and duration of the treatment.

Do braces take longer in adults?

Adults can benefit from clip treatment like children to improve their smile an oral health. However, clip treatment can be a little longer in adults by a few months. You have to talk to your dentist/ orthodontist about the duration of your treatment.

Does my tooth move everyday in a clip treatment?

Your orthodontist will fix the braces on the teeth. Using these braces, he will apply pressure on to the tooth. This pressure applied subsequently makes changes in the bone and moves the tooth. Your teeth will gradually shift to the desired position. This change in the position of your teeth is very little and can be noticed on a daily basis.

How long will it take for me to see changes in my teeth?

Several factors affect the rate at which your teeth will start to shift, once the treatment starts. This is because, your orthodontist will set the treatment schedule according to your individual requirements.

On an average, your active treatment phase is between 18 and 24 months. The changes in the appearance of your teeth will be noticiable at 4 weeks after starting the treatment. However, clear changes can be seen only after 2-3 months.

Are there any negative side effects in braces for adults?

As with any other treatment to other body parts, braces in adults can have some undesirable side effects. These include mild tooth aches and discomfort, scratches and ulcers on the cheek and tongue, gum infection, gum recession, TMJ discomfort, enamel demineralisation and dental nerve damage. These side effects can however be minimised if a well trained orthodontist plans and conducts your treatment.

Will I be able to hide my braces from the others?

‘Clear Aligners’ and/or ‘Clear Braces’ are a great option for those who do not want the metal braces seen in their mouth.

Clear aligners like invalisign is made of clear durable plastics. This does not use brackets, wires or rubber bands that are used in traditional clip treatment. These are like plastic trays that you can remove during eating.

In Clear Braces your orthodontist will use ceramic brackets instead of metal ones. The ceramic appears more natural making it less visible when you talk or smile.

Are clear aligners effective?

Correction of teeth is generally a time consuming treatment. Clear aligners may take as much time to make the correction as your conventional braces. However, your orthodontist/ dentist will use clear aligners to correct specific cases of crowding. Since the aligners are removable appliances, the final outcome of the treatment depends on your ability to maintain the aligners according to your dentists’ instructions.


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