5 Reasons why you should visit your dentist regularly

Are one of those who visits your dentist only in a tooth pain? Then you have to remember to keep your dental appointments, if you have to avoid these 5 conditions in your mouth.

Dental Decay And Tooth pain

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of bacterial infections in your mouth. A majority of adults and children worldwide suffer from tooth decay. A tooth decay happens when the cavity causing bacteria dissolve the hard tooth structure and then go on to infect the pulp tissue. An infected pulp causes tooth pain. That’s when the tooth has to undergo RCT (Root Canal Treatment) in order to save your tooth. Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that your dentist detects these cavities at an earlier stage. A simple filling at this point saves you a lot to time, distress and money.

Bleeding And Painful Gums

Bleeding gums constitutes 95% of the dental problems worldwide. However, this is a totally preventable condition. Visit your Dentist/ Dental hygienist regularly and talk to them about your breeding gums. A simple tooth cleaning will put the bleeding gums under check and prevent the development of a deeper gum disease and bone infection. Untreated bleeding gums can ultimately lead to tooth loss. 

Missing Teeth

Your tooth can be missing for various reasons like a tooth decay, loose teeth or fractured tooth due to trauma. However, it is important to replace the missing tooth at the earliest. Failure to replace a missing tooth in time can cause other complication of chewing and occlusion ( bite relationship)in your mouth. The opposite and the adjacent tend to move into the missing space and change the bite relationship in your mouth. This reduces the chewing efficiency and also causes other damage to the teeth like tooth decay and bone loss around the tooth. 

Says Dr Ravindra Savadi, Prosthodontist and clinical Dentist—“Missing teeth can be replaced by various methods like removable dentures, fixed dentures and implant dentures. The key to replacing any missing teeth lies in taking into consideration the aesthetics, masticatory function and occlusal stability for the patient. Your dentist is the best person to guide you on this. Talk to your dentist about the best possible options for your tooth replacement.”

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The last molars or wisdom teeth  as they are called can at times not come into the mouth fully. (Impacted wisdom tooth). They are then called ‘Impacted Teeth”. Such teeth can cause pain, infection an tooth decay in your mouth. It is best to remove the impacted teeth when the possibility of causing a problem is high. 

Dr Savadi says-“ I may want to retain a wisdom tooth sometimes, but if I notice that the tooth is causing more damage than good, then I advice a removal. This can happen when the wisdom tooth impinges on the tooth in the front and causes a decay in the front tooth. Also, in rare instances a cyst can develop around an impacted wisdom tooth. This causes pain and swelling and aggressive eating away of the surrounding bone. Then removal of the tooth is the only option. We generally confirm this condition with a full mouth X- ray( OPG).”

White Patches in the mouth

A white patch or an ulcer in the mouth can be harmless. But sometimes  this can be an indication for a precancerous condition or a lesion. If you are a tobacco user, either smoking or in the smokeless form then the risk of such white patches being precancerous in high.

Dr Savadi warns-“Any ulcer or a white patch should heal in 14 days time. A non healing ulcer has to be examined by a specialist to confirm a diagnosis. Visit your dentist regularly to detect any such possibilities. A hard bony feel to your white patch can be a matter of concern.”

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