5 reasons why you need to correct crooked teeth?

Patients with orthodontic braces is a common feature these days. Youngsters even look at the “braces” as a fashion statement. So what is the actual purpose of the Orthodontic braces? Is it just an appliance to correct crooked teeth to give you  the  best smile? What are the options you can have in choosing from the type of appliance for your treatment?

Says Dr (Prof ) Anupama Savadi, Orthodontist and senior dentist———“The threefold purpose of correction of crooked teeth are

  1.  Proper alignment of teeth for better health of gums and efficient cleaning to prevent decay
  2. Proper function for efficient mastication (chewing) and occlusion (closure of mouth)
  3. Good aesthetics to match the facial structure of the person”

Why do we need to correct our crooked teeth?


  1. Our alignment of teeth makes up for our over-all appearance. A good smile enhances the confidence of a person. Crooked and protruded teeth can make you an introvert and affect your socialising.
  2. Protruded teeth not only makes you more concious of your appearance, but are also prone to trauma, like a tooth fracture.
  3.  Crooked teeth encourages food accumulation in the corners and can lead to tooth decay, gum infection and eventually bone loss in that area. Crooked teeth or maligned teeth are difficult to clean. 
  4. In some cases of tooth malalignment like an open bite (where the front teeth do not overland cause a gap ), the chewing efficiency is reduced. So correction of teeth becomes important. 
  5. Some forms of malocclusion like cross bite ( reverse bite )and occlusal premature contacts can lead to pain in the joint (TMJ). Correction of teeth becomes important to relieve such pain.


What are the options available to me to correct my crooked teeth?

Says Dr Savadi——“Several types of appliances are available for correction of your crooked teeth. And the choice of the appliance depends on the severity of crowding, type of malocclusion, and the finances of the patient. We have fixed appliances and removable appliances and these are used according to the patient needs. In the fixed appliances we have metal brackets, ceramic brackets and also the lingual appliances that operate from the inside of the mouth and are not visible to others. For some of them who are socially active, we have the clear aligners that are practically invisible in the mouth.”


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