5 myths about your teeth busted!!!!!!


Myth number 1

Tooth removal affects our eyes


You could be told about this by your friends or relatives that a tooth removal will affect your eyes. We would like to tell you that the eyes and the teeth are unrelated structures in terms of their nerve supply. Also, says  Dr Ranajni Rao——“The nerve that supply your upper teeth also supply the areas on the side of your nose till the lower eyelid. So the feeling of numbness that may extend upto these areas when a local anaesthetic is administered can cause some uneasiness. However, when the effect of the anesthetic wears off, you will feel normal again.”

Verdict: Tooth removal is a safe procedure


Myth number 2

Cleaning of my teeth will make my teeth loose

This is one of the most common myths that our patients strongly believe in. Says Dr Rao——“The hard deposit on your teeth is the accumulation of bacteria and their toxins hardened by the saliva in your mouth. These deposits cover your teeth and give you an illusion of safety, when in reality they are actually damaging your bone. Infection of your bone and their dissolution make you teeth shaky. Visit your dentist regularly to get these deposits removed at regular intervals to safeguard the health of your gums and bone.”

Verdict: Scaling or teeth cleaning is beneficial for the health of your gums and bone.


Myth number 3

Only white teeth are healthy

With so many commercial cosmetic products in the market trying to influence you into buying their products with the promise of “whitening your teeth”, you are bound to believe that white is always the best. Busting this myth, Dr Ranjani says-—“The colour of your teeth varies just like the colour of your skin. The whiteness of the teeth is relative to you completion. Teeth may look whiter in darker individuals and vice versa. Also teeth tend to become yellow with age due to wearing out of your enamel.”

Verdict: The colour of your teeth is good as it is.


Myth number 4

Sugar is bad for your teeth, but diet soda/coke is fine 

Sugar is the main culprit in tooth decay. However, the carbonated drinks are acidic in nature and dissolve your tooth enamel. Dr Ranjani Rao adds——“Diet Coke and soda may not contain “sugars”. But they do have artificial sweeteners that is more harmful to your health. Also the acidic nature of coke definitely damages your teeth.”

Verdict: Stay away from any form of soda/coke


Myth number 5

Electric brushes are better

With a whole generation moving towards technology, the advent of powered toothbrushes isa boon to many. However, improper use of the powered toothbrush can cause more harm than gain. Clarifies Dr Rao—“Powered toothbrushes were designed for patients with poor motor skills or children with special needs who needed help with their brushing. However, others can  use the powered brushes if they prefer to. The ability to clean your teeth is the same with the conventional or powered brushes. Do talk to your dentist about the right kind of powered brushes you have to use. Choosing the wrong brush head size can damage your teeth.”

Verdict: Normal toothbrushes or powered brushes—Proper brushing twice a day is important.

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