5 easy home care steps for healthy gums


Bleeding gums is a common dental problem. Millions across the world suffer from gum infections. Poor oral hygiene still remains the main cause for bleeding gums. 


Dr Sriranjini Jaideep, MD Internal medicine ( Ayurveda ) says———“ The mouth is the first point for food digestion before you swallow the food bolus. Hence, the health of the mouth and gums has an impact on food digestion and general health. Ayurveda prescribes several methods to maintain your dental hygiene.”


Here are 5 easy steps for your dental health.


Tooth Brushing and flossing

Brushing your teeth is the first and the most important step in plaque removal. Ancient ayurveda advices the use of neem sticks or mango sticks to chew on as a form of brushing. The fibres of the twigs also have a flossing action. However, in recent times tooth brushes with nylon bristles have become popular. Use a soft bristled brush for the mechanical removal of plaque. In between tooth cleaning is done using a dental floss.


Scraping of the tongue

Your tongue is an integral part of the mouth and the chewing apparatus. Dentists place a special emphasis on cleaning the tongue, as it harbours the maximum number of bacteria in your mouth.  Ayurveda also pays an emphasis on cleaning your tongue.




Massage your gums 

Massaging of gums increases the blood circulation into the area and also improves the production of sulcular fluid. Sulcular fluid has anti bacterial properties and helps fight gum infection. You can use any edible oil to manage your gums. You have to preferably use warm oil.


Oil pulling

This is a method described in ayurveda to cleanse the mouth regularly. You can take about 5 ml of edible oil and swish it around the mouth for 5-10 mms. This acts as a mouthwash. Make sure to spit out the oil. You can do oil pulling in the morning  after your morning brushing routine. Studies have shown that the procedure of oil pulling acts as an add on to the mechanical cleaning of brushing. Another option is to use a decoction of herbs that has bitter and astringent properties. 


Tooth powder

Tooth powders can be more abrasive than pastes. However, a powder of herbs can be used to massage your gums regularly. This helps in maintaining the health of your gums. 


Dr Sriranjini concludes———“Regular home care procedures are important in keeping your mouth healthy. Please consult your dentist or health care providers to get a one on one understanding of your specific dental health needs. A visit to your dentist once in 6 months helps you understand your dental health better.”


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