12 Do’s and Dont’s in tooth pain



Ever experienced tooth pain!!?? Suffering from one can be the most painful experiences. Your dentist will help you alleviate the pain. However, there are a few do’s and dont’s you can remember before you can see your dentist.


Do’s in tooth pain

  1. Talk to your dentist and fix an appointment to get yourself checked. If your dentist is not available right away, then you can take a couple of over the counter pain killers to ease the pain.
  2. Do some warm salt water rinses.
  3. If you have any discomfort because of food impaction, then you can floss the area and do warm saline rinses.
  4. You can follow some home remedies as temporary relief measures until you meet your dentist. You can use clove oil or turmeric paste for the offending tooth to relieve pain. But be cautious in using these as clove oil can be corrosive to your gums.
  5. If you have a swelling due to the infection, place an ice pack at intervals to help ease the pain.


Dont’s in tooth pain

  1. Avoid self medication or over medication. Always talk to your health care provider before starting on any meds.
  2. Do not apply hot fermentation in tooth pain or swelling. Heat application increases the swelling  and spread of infection.
  3. Application of pain balms or rubbing it onto the affected area increases the swelling. Avoid it.
  4. Do not place pain killer tablets in the mouth. This can cause burns in your mouth.
  5. If your child has tooth pain, then its best to consult your dentist. Try not to self medicate your child in a tooth pain.
  6.  Do not use a tooth pick or any sharp object to remove food stuck between teeth.
  7. Avoid eating hot, cold or hard foods in tooth pain.


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