10 things you should never put in your mouth

A beautiful smile and a good set of teeth are considered the most attractive feature of ones’ personality.

Taking steps to a healthy smile and teeth could be as easy as avoiding putting certain everyday objects in our mouths. The top 10 things you should never put in your mouth


1. Fingernails

Nail biting can cause an incredible amount of tooth wear and all the associated problems, especially if you maintain the habit over many years. It’s also bad for your fingernails!

2. Pens or pencils

Pen or pencil chewing can precipitate habits like tooth grinding at night, as well as damaging the teeth, muscles and joints from over-exertion.

3. Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco (or something similar) is a known carcinogen that significantly increases the risk of oral cancer.

4. Beer bottles (if opening with your teeth)

At best, this can cause teeth to fracture. At worse it can cause a potentially fatal facial or neck laceration.

5. Chocolate from the fridge

This can be so hard that it can crack teeth, crowns, veneers or fillings.

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6. Biting on Ice

This can cause the teeth to crack and forceful biting can stress the TMJ. There may be clicking sounds from the stressed joints subsequently.

7. Other people’s toothbrushes

This can allow for the transfer of the harmful bacteria, which can cause gum disease.

8. Whiskey and cigars

In large and frequent quantities, whiskey and cigars stain the teeth and are known to significantly increase the risk of oral cancer.

9. Unprotected casual oral sex

This carries a risk of HPV viral transfer. Oral warts are causing a significant increase in the incidence of oral cancer in young women under 25.

10. Lemon juice

If used too frequently, lemon juice is highly acidic and can cause severe enamel erosion.

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