10 Reasons why your tooth can pain

Most of us would have experienced some discomfort or pain in our teeth at some time. Tooth pain can be very disturbing and unbearable. So then what causes tooth pain? Is tooth pain preventable? What can I do to prevent a tooth pain? Let’s find out more about pain in the teeth and the related structures of the teeth.

What are the reasons for tooth pain? 

Pain is a distressing feeling that tells you something is wrong. Your tooth hurts when there is an infection either in the tooth or its related structures like the gums, TMJ, nerves, muscles, ear or the sinus. There can be several reasons for pain in the teeth, mouth or the jaws. However, tooth decay is one of the most common causes of a tooth infection and the subsequent pain that it causes. Another common reason for a tooth and gum pain is bleeding gums. The many others reasons for pain can be

How will a tooth pain feel?

Tooth pain can be felt in many different ways. You can feel any one or more of the following signs and symptoms

  • Pain on biting on food items
  • Spontaneous pain
  • Pain that increases after taking hot or cold food and does not subside
  • Increased sensitivity to hot cold or normal temperature foods or liquids
  • Swelling in gums with pain
  • Swelling in jaws with pain
  • Difficulty in mouth opening
  • Radiating pain to the ear
  • Headaches on the infected side
  • Dull gnawing pain with or without bleeding from the gums 

What will my dentist do to relieve my tooth pain?

Your dentist will do on for more of the following procedures to confirm the cause of your tooth pain and plan a treatment accordingly,

  • A through examination of all your teeth and mouth to find the offending teeth 
  • Dental X-rays to check the condition of the teeth and the surrounding gums and bone 
  • Sometimes a full mouth X-ray called an OPG will be recommended by your dentist to get a bigger picture of your mouth condition
  • Your dentist will prescribe medications to reduce the infection and pain in the area
  • You may need to undergo advanced treatment procedures like an RCT, Flap surgery or surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Your dentist will prescribe the treatment options according to the cause.

What should I avoid in tooth pain?

Avoid doing the following in tooth pain

  1. Self medication
  2. Home remedies like applying clove oil, using salt to rub on the infected gums.
  3. Applying hot fermentation to the affected area

What can I do to prevent tooth pain?

Since most of the causes for a tooth pain is either a decayed tooth or infected gums, preventive measures go a long way in preventing tooth pain. You can do the following to avoid a tooth pain

  • Visit your dentist regularly to get an examination. Any cavity or bleeding gums in the initial stages will be detected early by your dentist. He will do some simple fillings and a scaling to put the  disease process under check.
  • Do not neglect your everyday brushing and flossing. This goes a long way in preventing decay, bleeding gums and even bad breath!!!
  • Use a mouth wash regularly. You can also do warm salt water rinses.
  • People active in contact sports can use a sports guard to prevent damage to your teeth.
  • If you have a night grinding habit, then talk to your dentist. Your dentist will evaluate you and fabricate a night guard to help you with bruxism.
  • Encourage your children to chew on hard and fibrous food. This helps in the proper development of the jaws, thus creating space for the new teeth come come in its proper place.

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