Why do my gums pain?

A dull, continuous pain in the gums which is released on applying pressure is indicative of an advanced gum disease. The pain can occur with loose teeth, inability to chew on hard food with loss in the height of the gums. The pain occurs due to infection to the underlying bone. Evaluation by your dentist and appropriate treatment procedure can stop the disease process from progressing.

What treatment will your dentist suggest?

Your dentist will in all possibility do a scaling ( cleaning of teeth ) first.

  • Evaluation after one week
  • Full mouth x-ray like an opt will be required
  • Subsequent treatment of a gum surgery with or without laser will be done depending on the outcome of the scaling.

Warm salt water rinsing and using an antibacterial mouthwash is highly recommended.



What causes gum infection?

How long does a gum infection last?