Are yellow teeth stronger?

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Are yellow teeth stronger than white teeth?

The yellowish colour of the teeth is because of the translucency of the enamel. According to the thickness of the enamel and it’s translucency, the teeth can look opaque white to a bluish white translucent in appearance. The normal yellowish colour of the dentin is not a matter of concern. Sometimes, the dentin may be of a darker hue due to “fluorosis”. Fluorosis is a condition of the tooth wherein the composition of the tooth structure is altered by the incorporation of the element fluoride during the formation of the tooth. This is an intrinsic staining of the tooth. Although, this staining may be a cosmetic concern, the tooth is resistant to tooth decay.

Any other factors like smoking, poor oral hygiene, tartar and plaque and  abrasion that cause yellowish discolouration of the tooth is a matter of concern. Proper professional advice by your dentist must be sought in these cases.