what is tooth “eruption”?

Tooth eruption( teething ) in humans is a process in tooth development in which the teeth enter the mouth and become visible. The periodontal ligaments play an important role in tooth eruption. Primary teeth erupt into the mouth from around six months until two years of age. These teeth are the only ones in the mouth until a person is about six years old. At that time, the first permanent tooth erupts. This stage, during which a person has a combination of primary and permanent teeth, is known as the mixed stage. The mixed stage lasts until the last primary tooth is lost and the remaining permanent teeth erupt into the mouth.

There have been many theories about the cause of tooth eruption. One theory proposes that the developing root of a tooth pushes it into the mouth.  Currently, the most widely held belief is that the periodontal ligaments provide the main impetus for the process.